Route form data from external web site

If Email Pros is not your web host and you are hosting your web site with an external web hosting service on a Linux server running Cpanel, this tutorial will show you how to route form data to us.

The screenshots may look different depending on what version of Cpanel your web host is running.


You will need to know your MX record
Go to and enter your domain name
Click MX Lookup
Please write down your MX record under Hostname


Login to Cpanel at your external web hosting service
Click the Email Accounts icon


Make sure there are no email addresses listed. If there are, please delete them all.


Click the MX Entry icon

Under MX Records, click Edit


1. For Priority, enter 10
2. Enter your MX record
Click Edit


Under Email Routing, select Remote Mail Exchanger
Click Change

Within the settings or code for your web form, do not specify the "from" address as an email address within your domain name. For example, the "from" address cannot be, and the message goes to

Our server will consider it a spoofed message and will reject it. If you can configure the "from" address as the email address of the person filling out the form, that should work in most cases if they do not have SPF restrictions. Otherwise, you must specify a "from" email address of a working email address without SPF restrictions.

If you cannot get the web forms to work, you may need to host your web site with Email Pros. We have configured our web hosting service to work seamlessly with our email service. So all form data will be submitted and delivered securely from the web server to our email server without any additional configuration. You can also setup secure forms with us so that the connection between your web site and the person filling out the form is encrypted, this ensures 100% secure transmission of form data into your inbox.