eBox Administrator - Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the eBox Administrator Quick Start Guide!


The first time you login to the eBox Web Interface, you will see the web-based File Browser.
We have already setup two example folders for you: Documents and Pictures. You can setup as many folders as you like.
You can upload folders and files from your computer to eBox by dragging and dropping them into the File Browser.

For more in-depth tutorials on working with folders and files in the eBox Web Interface, please see:
Working with Folders in the eBox Web Interface
Working with Files in the eBox Web Interface


Next, we will show you how to create a new eBox user
Click the Management Console icon on the top right


Under Users
Click Add New User


Click Native User


1. Enter the user's first name
2. Enter the user's last name
3. Enter the user's email address
4. Set a storage limit for this user*

*Recommended sizes:
eBox Plan One: 100GB
eBox Plan Two: 1000GB
eBox Plan Three: 0 (Unlimited Storage)
You can set the storage limit to whatever you like, up to your eBox plan's total usable storage




We will send the user's login details via email directly to them.


You will see the new eBox user you created under Users

For a more in-depth tutorial on managing users, please see: Managing eBox Users


Next, we will show you how to create a Team Folder that is shared with your eBox users.
Under Team Folders (Shared Work Space)


Click the arrow to expand Existing Tenant Storage
Select Default Tenant Storage


Enter a name for the team folder in the box


Select Add Collaborator


Select Existing User/Group


Select the user(s) you want to have access to this team folder
Click DONE


Click the Save icon

For an in-depth tutorial on managing team folders, please see: Managing Team Folders


To open the Left Panel Menu, click the Menu icon
You will see shortcuts to administrative areas.


To go back to the File Browser, click the My Files icon


To view your Account Settings, click the Profile icon

That's it! You and your users are now up and running!

Please see our tutorials for installing eBox on computers and mobile devices.