Creating Users

This tutorial will show you how to create Users. In this example, we are creating a user named bob.



* Screenshots are for reference only, please read the instructions at each step and do not use the information in the screenshots.



From the Administration menu
Select Admin panel



Click the Users tab



Click Add User
(Please do not alter the admin user, that is the Email Pros admin account for backend system access)



1. Enter a user name. It can be anything (e.g. first name, email address, initials, etc.)
2. Enter a password
(For a strong password, we recommend: at least 8 characters, at least 1 uppercase, at least 1 lower case, at least 1 number, at least 1 special character (symbol), must not contain any part of your username, your real name, part of your domain name, or part of your company name. There should not be any words in the dictionary, if you decide to use a real word please change it up such as "P@s$word" instead of "Password" for instance. The stronger the passwords the better, and we recommend changing your passwords at least once a year, for even better security every 6 months.)
3. Enter the password again
4. Enter this user's email address
When done, click Add



You should now see your newly created user.