How to send a password-protected, Encrypted Email

This tutorial will show you how to send a password-protected, encrypted email to a recipient outside of Email Pros using our Encryption Tool.

This message encryption feature is designed to encrypt the message body of the email and attachments, delivering your message to the recipient through our Secure Webmail System.

If you only need to send a file securely, we recommend using our Secure File Link feature instead to provide a better experience for the recipient

1. Compose a new message from any email application as normal (webmail, email software, or mobile device).
2. In the subject line, you must type in the word secure first, followed by the message subject, this will trigger our systems to encrypt your message. (If the word secure is anywhere within the subject line, it will also trigger encryption)
3. You can also attach a file (up to 100MB) with your message.
4. When finished typing, send it off as normal.
5. We will deliver the message to the recipient through our Secure Webmail System.
6. You will get an email confirmation from our server as proof of delivery indicating the message was encrypted and delivered.
7. When the recipient opens and reads your message, we will send you an email notification.