Creating folders and assigning permissions

This tutorial will show you, as a Cloud Drive Administrator, how to create folders and assign permissions to access those folders. In this example, we are going to create a folder called "Shared" and give our user bob full access to it.



* Screenshots are for reference only, please read the instructions at each step and do not use the information in the screenshots.



From the Administration menu
Select Admin panel



In the folders tab, you will see 2 default folders that we have already created for you.
Please write down the Path shown here. Your path should be something like: C:\Cloud\YourCompanyFolder\



Click Add folder



1. In the Folder name box, enter your folder name
2. In the Physical path box, enter your path, followed by the folder name
3. Click the folder icon to create the folder.
4. Click Test access to make sure the folder is accessible.



You may add a user or a group. We are going to add bob to have access to this folder.



We will select bob from the drop down menu and click OK



Click Add



The folder is created and bob has full permissions.



If you want to modify the user's permissions for this folder, select the folder, click Edit folder



Select the user



Edit the permissions and click Save