Sending files with Secure File Link

Our Secure File Link feature enables you to send files up to 2GB in size to anyone from our Secure Cloud. This tutorial will show you how to upload files to our Secure Cloud and how to send an encrypted link to the recipient to download the file securely.



Click on the Secure Files Link Storage icon.



Click Upload, select a file from your computer, click Open and it will upload the file to our Secure Cloud.



Select the file, it should be highlighted in blue, and click Edit.



1. You can time expire the link so the recipient has a limited time to download the file. If you don't want to time expire the link, leave this blank.

Time Expiring the link:
a. Click the calendar icon and select a date.
b. Click the clock icon to select a time.
c. Check the box to enable the expiration.

2. You can also password protect the link by entering a password and check the box to enable it. We do not recommend that you include the password in your email. You can include a password hint to something personally identifiable to them, call the recipient, or as a worse case scenario send the password in a separate email.

3. Check the box to Enable public access.

It will then create an encrypted link, please do not alter this link and click Save.



Start a new message, at any point in your email message, click Secure File Link to insert the link.



Click on this icon to access your files.



Select the file and click OK.



You can see the link you selected in your message now. You may insert as many secure file links as you want. Once you are done composing your email message, send it off.



The recipient will click on the link from your email and be taken to a secure web page to download the file.


Make sure the recipient has downloaded the file before you delete the file from your Secure File Link Storage. Keep in mind, you have a total of 5GB of storage space for your email, this includes files that you store in Secure File Link Storage, so you would want to clear them out to make room for more files in the future.

Happy sending!