Email Setup in Mozilla Thunderbird for Mac

This tutorial will show you how to setup an email account in Mozilla Thunderbird for Mac.



* Screenshots are for reference only, please read the instructions at each step and do not use the information in the screenshots.



First, you will need to determine what your mail server address is. Please open a web browser on your computer and type in (replace with your actual domain name) and press enter. For example, if your email address is, you would type in Please do not include http:// or https:// in front of it.



You will automatically be redirected to your mail server. Your mail server address is the first portion of the URL, right before /Login.aspx. In this example, the mail server address that we were redirected to is Please write down your mail server address, you will need it for the next steps.



From the Tools menu
Select Account Settings...



On the bottom left, Click Account Actions
Select Add Mail Account



If you see this prompt, select Skip this and use my existing email



1. Enter your display name (will be shown on outgoing emails)
2. Enter your email address
3. Enter your email password
Click Continue



If you see this prompt, click Cancel



Click Manual config



1. Enter your mail server address
2. Enter 993
3. Enter your mail server address
4. Enter 465
5. Enter your email address again
Click Re-test



Upon a successful re-test, you will have the option to click Done



Click OK at the bottom right.
Thunderbird will now download your messages and folders. 



When done downloading messages and folders...
From the Tools menu
Select Account Settings...



Under your email address, select Server Settings



1. Select Deleted Items from this drop down menu
2. Put a check in both of these boxes



Select Copies & Folders



Select Local Folders for these two drop down menus



Select Composition & Addressing



Select start my reply above quote from the drop down menu



Select Junk Settings



Uncheck Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account



Click OK at the bottom right.
All set!



*The first time you setup an account in Thunderbird, it will sync to the server and download all your messages and folders, this may take a few minutes and only needs to be done once. From then on, all new incoming emails will be pushed to your inbox in real-time. It is not necessary to click the "Get Mail" button to check for new email, by doing so you will force Thunderbird to re-sync with the server which is not necessary and may freeze up your Thunderbird. At the end of the day it is advisable to close down Thunderbird, and re-open Thunderbird in the morning to establish a new connection to the server.